7402 Quad 2-Input NOR Gate

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7402 Quad 2-Input NOR Gate is a digital logic gate that implements logical NOR. A HIGH output (1) results if both the inputs to the gate are LOW (0); if one or both input is HIGH (1), a LOW output (0) results.

NOR is the result of the negation of the OR operator. It can also in some senses be seen as the inverse of an AND gate. NOR is a functionally complete operation—NOR gates can be combined to generate any other logical function. It shares this property with the NAND gate. By contrast, the OR operator is monotonic as it can only change LOW to HIGH but not vice versa.

Specifications :

  • Logic Type : NOR Gate
  • Number of Circuits : 4
  • Number of Inputs : 2
  • Voltage – Supply : 4.75V ~ 5.25V
  • Current – Output High, Low : 400µA, 16mA
  • Logic Level – Low : 0.8V
  • Logic Level – High : 2V
  • Max Propagation Delay @ V, Max CL : 22ns @ 5V, 15pF
  • Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ 70°C
  • Mounting Type : Through Hole
  • Package / Case : 14-DIP (0.300″, 7.62mm)

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7402 Quad 2-Input NOR Gate in Sri lanka

7402 Quad 2-Input NOR Gate

Rs 60.00

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