NE555 Timer

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Quick Info :

  • : 500kHz
  • : 4.5V
  • : 16V
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The NE555P are precision timing circuits capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. In the time-delay or monostable mode of operation, the timed interval is controlled by a single external resistor and capacitor network. In the a stable mode of operation, the frequency and duty cycle can be controlled independently with two external resistors and a single external capacitor.

Features :

  • Timing from microseconds to hours
  • A stable or monostable operation
  • Adjustable duty cycle
  • TTL compatible output can sink or source up to 200mA

Applications :

Clock & Timing, Consumer Electronics, Embedded Design & Development

Specifications :

  • : 500kHz
  • : 4.5V
  • : 16V
  • : DIP
  • : 8Pins
  • : 0°C
  • : 70°C

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