Electrolytic Capacitor 16/25/50V 0.1uF – 3300uF

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Electrolytic Capacitor 16/25/50V 0.1uF-680uF

Available variations :

  • 0.1uf 50V
  • 0.22uf 50V
  • 0.47uf 50V
  • 1uf 50V
  • 2.2uf 50V
  • 3.3uf 50V
  • 4.7uf 50V
  • 10uf 25V
  • 10uf 50V
  • 22uf 16V
  • 22uf 25V
  • 47uf 16V
  • 47uf 25V
  • 47uf50V
  • 100uf 16V
  • 100uf 25V
  • 220uf 25V
  • 330uf 25V
  • 470uf 16V
  • 680uf 16V
  • 1000uf 16V
  • 220uf 16V
  • 33uf 16V
  • 220uf 10V
  • 0.33uf 50V
  • 100uf 50V
  • 4uf 400V
  • 3300uf 25V
  • 4700uf 25V
  • 33uf 25V
  • 1uf 25V
  • 10uf 16V
  • 33uf 50V
  • 330uf 50V
  • 330uf 16V
  • 680uf 25V
  • 2200uf 16V
  • 470uf 50V
  • 680uf 50V
  • 470uf 25V
  • 1000uf 25V
  • 1000uf 50V
  • 2200uf 25V
  • 2200uf 50V
  • 3300uf 25V
  • 3300uf 50V

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0.1uf 50V, 0.22uf 50V, 0.47uf 50V, 1uf 50V, 2.2uf 50V, 3.3uf 50V, 4.7uf 50V, 10uf 25V, 10uf 50V, 22uf 16V, 1uf 50V, 22uf 25V, 47uf 16V, 47uf 25V, 47uf50V, 100uf 16V, 100uf 25V, 220uf 25V, 330uf 25V, 470uf 16V, 680uf 16V, 1000uf 16V, 220uf 16V, 33uf 16V, 220uf 10V, 0.33uf 50V, 100uf 50V, 4uf 400V, 3300uf 25V, 4700uf 25V, 33uf 25V, 1uf 25V, 10uf 16V, 33uf 50V, 330uf 50V, 330uf 16V, 680uf 25V, 2200uf 16V, 470uf 50V, 680uf 50V, 470uf 25V, 1000uf 25V, 1000uf 50V, 2200uf 25V, 2200uf 50V, 3300uf 25V, 3300uf 50V

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Electrolytic Capacitor 16/25/50V 0.1uF-2200uF in Sri Lanka

Electrolytic Capacitor 16/25/50V 0.1uF - 3300uF

Rs 5.00Rs 175.00

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