Dupont Connectors Kit

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Dupont Connector Kit includes a variety of connectors: single row pin headers, bent pin headers, crimp pin connector housings, male and female crimp pins for wires.

1550 PCS Dupont Connectors Kit:

  • 1 x 1.5m (5 Ft) 10-Wire Ribbon Cable
  • 200 PCS x Female Pin Connectors
  • 200 PCS x Male Pin Connectors
  • 80PCSx 1x1P Pin Connectors Housing
  • 60PCSx 1x2P Pin Connectors Housing
  • 40PCSx 1x3P Pin Connectors Housing
  • 40PCSx 1x4P Pin Connectors Housing
  • 40PCSx 1x5P Pin Connectors Housing
  • 30PCSx 1x6P Pin Connectors Housing
  • 30PCSx 1x8P Pin Connectors Housing
  • 10PCSx 40 Pin 2.54mm Single Row Straight Angle Header
  • 10PCSx 40 Pin 2.54mm Pitch Single Row Right Angle Header

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1550 PCS Dupont Connectors Kit in Sri Lanka

Dupont Connectors Kit

Rs 3,950.00

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