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The SIEMENS TC35 is a standard AT commands Based GSM module, you can easily apply it with your own embedded system to creat a GSM wireless based data transfer module. Support Arduino. The SIEMENS TC35 Module is AT Command – controlled gsm modem, via Serial Port (RS232/TTL communication). Program source code would be provided so that buyers can use the module easily and get familiar with the module quickly.

Specifications :

  • The board wide voltage input, standard 7-24V ¬†rated input voltage can be increased according to your needs, 12 * 12 high-power inductor and capacitor Panasonic quality design, the board running super stable. [5-24V input can also,5-24V input can only be used for the TC35 module]
  • Board with the [the Siemens the SDK standard circuit], manually start and MCU start since the launch of three modes;
  • Serial three mutual transfer port design, according to actual needs required shorted; leads TTL interface to facilitate other MCU development board control and data communications.
  • SIM card support SIM card holder drawer [8 feet] and flip-SIM card holder [6 feet], support Mobile, China Unicom, Tianyi.
  • Onboard quality serial level converter chip, connected to the computer via a nine-pin serial port, and PC software development board for testing and development.
  • The board leads all pin for you to use all the features of the module.

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SIEMENS TC35 GSM Module in Sri Lanka


Rs 4,450.00

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